On June 17, 2022, a group of 8 people, including Jiemian News Cheng reporter, Yuguo He reporter, ebrun cross-border editor-in-chief, Alibaba public relations manager Wang and 8 other people arrived in Mingko Machinery to make publicity reports and made a report on China Import and Export Forms. In-depth communication and discussion.

Shandong Mingko Machinery Co., Ltd has been operating as a team since 2017. It is a large-scale construction machinery and equipment manufacturing group integrating scientific research, production and service. In 5 years, Mingko Machinery has grown from 4 people at the beginning to more than 150 people now, and the turnover has grown from 1 million yuan a year in the initial stage to 100 million yuan.

Mingko Machinery brand small excavators, loaders and pulverizers have won recognition from customers at home and abroad due to their excellent quality and guaranteed after-sales, and have achieved long-term cooperation with distributors in many countries and regions to help the industry. machinery manufacturing from China abroad. countries. Market development brings its own strength.

In the future, Mingko Machinery will adhere to the management concept of "pioneer, innovator, surpasser and leader", continue to expand and strengthen company performance, and is committed to exploring a path of sustainable development for economic benefits and environmental protection. , in order to contribute to the development of China's machinery manufacturing industry. Make more contributions to prosperity and development!