Nowadays the use of small excavators in China's construction machinery industry is exceptionally hot, small excavators are not considered the main products in the construction machinery, but in recent years, with China's economic forward movement, the policy of vigorously promoting and the construction machinery industry itself cooling and thinking, there is the prospect of small excavators is becoming clearer, and even optimistic about a state.

Small excavator with its small, flexible, multi-functional and other unique advantages, has long become the ideal equipment for earthwork applications, the demand of its users is also expanding, the use of small excavators has become a driving force in China's construction machinery industry, especially the development of the excavator industry, a new force. In China's domestic small excavator market development is rapid, very considerable, but also to promote China's excavator industry profit growth of the main force support, its use and vigorously develop a pivotal position. At present, China's small excavator industry economic benefits are considerable, the development prospects are great. Our company vigorously develop small excavator, for its strong position in the consolidation of engineering machinery industry on the basis of the opening of a new chapter. Mini excavator production manufacturer has always been the integrity of the development of innovative services for the purpose of the enterprise, to meet customer requirements for the purpose of stable and reliable quality as the basis for good service, technological innovation as a guarantee, and constantly research and development and open up new products.

The production and sale of mini excavator is BoCaiZhongZhong, after intensive research and design and production, small excavator production is by the State Ministry of Machinery Industry testing and the National Excavator Association recognized excavator family in the new member, small excavator listed to meet the majority of users of a variety of needs.

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