MK60WB/80WB Wheel Mucking Loader
MK60WB/80WB Wheel Mucking Loader

MK60WB/80WB Wheel Mucking Loader

MK60 wheel type mucking loader is with belt transportation,each hour for 60 CBM per hour.

MK60WB/80WB Wheel Mucking Loader

Advantage of the MK60B/80B Wheel Belt Mucking Loader:

Main Pump:China Famous Brand

Hydraulic Pilot Control :Control pilot hydraulic oil through two handles

Gas alarm device:
When the gas concentration exceeds the set value, the system detects and automatically alarms
The travelling motor is  designed in the front to reduce the load to tensioning device from the guide wheel when equipment climbing 

Working arm :
The structure parts of the big and small arm can be adjustable to adpat different working sections 
The portal frame is connected with the conveying trough ,to extend the working range and the height of arm to remove danger 
The bush is made by NSK(Japan),reducing the wearing of pin rolls and bushes ,better for maintenance 

Underground mining mucking loader is also called excavating loader, integrates multiple functions including excavation, conveying, loading, running, Because of its high working efficiency, strong ability to adapt the space, less polluting to the air inside of the tunnel, it becomes a very important mechanical equipment in tunnel construction.Wheeled  machine wide range (from left to right range of up to 4.5 meters, up to 2.8 meters on the ground, the ground up to 0.8 meters) ,It can be full-face loading of gravel, leaving no dead ends, do not need to manually clean up Site, people can also dig on both sides of the roadway ditch.

Technical Specification:

Item MK60WB MK80WB
Excavating Width(mm) ≥4200
Coverage(mm) ≥1600
Excavating Height(mm) 1800-2700 ≥2800
Excavating Depth (mm) ≥450
Unload height(mm)
1200-1600 1350-1650
Max unload height(mm) 1100 1100
Unload Distance(mm) 1600 1600
Machine Weight(T) 5.8 7.2
Overall Dimension L*H*H (mm) 5600*1650*1700 6000*1750*1800
Loading Capacity( m³/H) 60 80
Min Turing Radius (mm) 4600 5000
Climb Gradient(°) ≤10
Travelling Speed (Km/h) 2-4.5 2-4.5
Ground Clearance(mm) 200 260
Rated Working Pressure (MPa) 20 20
Motor Power(Kw) 18.5/22 22/30
Max Materials Size Passing L*W*H (mm) 810*580*420 810*580*500
Applicable Section W*H (m) ≥1.8*1.8

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